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Fishery Rules

General Rules 

Redbournbury Fishery has a fish welfare policy and rules are designed to protect our fish stocks and ensure angler's enjoyment.

A member of the bailiff team will collect your fishing fee and issue you with a Fishery ticket to allow you to fish.  If a member of the bailiff team is not at the Fishery entrance upon your arrival to collect your fishing fees, please check the sign board at the entrance to the fishery and either, if the honesty box sign is showing, please leave your remittance in one of the envelopes provided and place it in the honesty box on the front wall of the fishery cabin BEFORE you start fishing.  The honesty box is checked regularly by the bailiffs.  If the bailiff on the lake sign is showing, please drive down to the lake and the bailiff will make themselves known to you and take your fees and issue you with a Fishery ticket.

Bailiffs regularly check anglers' conduct and their fishing equipment to ensure rules are being adhered to.  Anyone found in breach of the Fishery rules will be asked to leave the Fishery immediately, without recourse or refund.

Gates are opened and shut promptly in line with opening times and closing times, so please check both the website ( and with the bailiff for timings if you are unsure.

Fishery management are not responsible for anglers personal belongings.  Fishing and vehicles parked are at the owners risk.

  • There is a 5 mph speed limit throughout the Fishery.

  • Please park sensibly in the car parks and do not block access to other vehicles.

  • No alcohol or drugs (unless provided by a doctor) are allowed at the Fishery.  Offenders of this rule will be asked to leave immediately with no recourse or refund.

  • No unauthorised offensive weapons are allowed at the Fishery.

  • Dogs are not allowed at the Fishery.

  • Night fishing is not permitted.

  • Please report any Cormorant bird sightings to the bailiffs.

Anglers Charter

  • All anglers over the age of 12 must have a valid Environment Agency rod licence.  Junior licences for 12 to 16 years old are free and all required licences can be obtained from the post office or online (

  • All anglers under the age of 16 must be supervised by a responsible adult.

  • It is the anglers responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate tackle and understand and meet all Fishery and Government rules in force.

  • To protect our fish stocks, all nets, mats and stink bags must be dipped and rinsed in the tanks provided before you start fishing.

  • No fish are to be introduced or removed from the Coarse lake.

  • No litter, please take your litter home with you when leaving.

  • Fishing is from a numbered peg and fishing is within that swim only. No off peg fishing is allowed.

  • Do not leave baited rods or poles unattended at any time.

  • Maximum of two rods per person and no rod sharing.

  • Do not use offensive language and be respectful at all times to members of the bailiff team and other anglers fishing at the Fishery.

  • Please set mobile phones to vibrate/silent mode.  Radios can be used through a headset only so as not to disturb other anglers.

Coarse Lake Rules 

  • Barbless hooks only - maximum hook size number 10.

  • Any micro and/or barbed hooks must have the barb squashed before use.

  • No treble hooks allowed.

  • No braided line.

  • No fixed leads or bolt rigs, lead clips only with a minimum leader breaking strain or 7lbs.

  • No floating poles allowed.

  • Spinning/lure fishing is not allowed in any lake or river at the Fishery.

  • No 'live bait' or 'dead bait' fishing as the Fishery does not have any predatory fish.

  • A minimum of a 22" landing net and a well padded unhooking mat are compulsory for each angler. 

  • Landing nets and unhooking mats must be used as all times, please minimise handling of all fish you catch and return fish to the lake as quickly and carefully so as not to damage them.

  • When fish handling is required, wet hands only please.  Do not use cloths or towels as these may damage the fish.

  • Photography of any fish caught must be done over an unhooking mat to avoid injury to the fish.

  • Please carry antiseptic gel to treat any injured fish you may catch.

  • Ground baiting is not permitted at the Fishery.  Ground bait may be used as part of a method or cage feeder rig only.

  • Minimal loose feed allowed.

  • No nuts allowed eg. Tiger nuts, Peanuts, Brazil nuts etc.

  • Boilies on a hook or hair rig only.  No boilie strings or loose feed boilies.

  • The purchase of a coarse lake fishing ticket allows the angler to fish in the coarse lake only.  River fishing is only allowed with the purchase of a Trout lake fishing ticket

Trout Lake and River Fishing Rules 

  • The Trout Lake is open all year round.

  • River fishing is available during the 'open season' only, which is between 1st April and 30th September in the given year.

  • All Brown Trout must be returned to the River and Lake.

  • Return any Lake Rainbow of 3lb and over.

  • Maximum of 2 anglers per session on the river.

  • Please ensure you bring a full fishing kit with you.

  • No bait additives or feed pellets.

  • Barbless hooks only.

  • Any micro and/or barbed hooks must have the barb squashed before use.

  • Spinning/lure fishing is not allowed in any lake or river at the Fishery.

  • Landing nets must be dipped and rinsed in the tanks provided before you start fishing.

  • No more than two fish to be taken in one day

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